Hello world!

I am so happy to be here and now!

This site will be a combination of everything that I am.

The focus will be a detox lifestyle, working with nature instead of against it like other wellness and weight-loss programs tend to do. The diet is based on juices and salads made from raw water-rich plant foods. If you aren’t vegan or 100% raw, not to worry because we also enjoy fish (or other meats if you wish), eggs, cheese, plenty of cooked veggies. and don’t forget my favorites: wine and dark chocolate. If you are vegan or raw, then you are that much ahead.

I will be offering private consultations and plenty of group activities like, juice fasts and cleanses. There will be lots of free tips and advice including sumptuous culinary and fun, easy exercise while incorporating artistic mediums like, photography, video and music. And don’t forget to throw in a little spirituality and conspiracy theory along the way.

Yes, it will be multi-faceted and hopefully lots of fun for everyone.

I hope to pick up a few readers along the way and would love to be of help to anyone trying to lose weight, boost energy and just feel a whole lot better.

Welcome! And thanks for stopping by!

Love and Light,



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