Dining Out (oops, who said I was perfect anyway)

One of the great things about this lifestyle is the ease in which you can fit it into a normal day. You can still enjoy sumptuous meals out with your friends. The Outback has a seared ahi on a bed of greens and cucumber with a mixture of 2 dressings. I always order it without the crispy wontons (starch)  and the dressing on the side. I usually just squeeze some lemon over the whole thing, but sometimes I eat a tiny bit of their dressing. Occasionally I will substitute the ahi with their grilled Norwegian salmon, like I did last night. Add a glass of wine and not only do you have a well-combined protein meal but a real treat as well

But, if the kitchen messes up your order and gives you a free dessert,  like their Thunder from Down Under,  you might not be strong enough to refuse. Oh well, who said I was perfect anyway. Thank goodness I had someone to share it with. If you were to eat just the ice cream, whipped cream, the chocolate shavings and sauce, you would still have a pretty good protein meal, but add the brownie and uh oh.

The really great thing about this lifestyle though, is that is isn’t just a temporary diet, it really is a lifestyle. One thing I have learned living like this is not to be so hard on myself. It isn’t about perfection. It is about progress and transitioning and learning not to be in a hurry. I do so well most of the time that an occasional boo boo isn’t a huge setback. It no longer sends me into a downward spiral of bingeing on anything in sight for days, into weeks and then you wake up and 3 years have gone by .  I knew I would wake up this morning to my rebounding and yoga and drink my juice for lunch and not miss a beat.


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