Breathe and become one with the Universe again.

Breath and spirit mean the same thing in our root languages. Breathing deeply and properly brings us closer to the Divine.
Oxygen, along with water, is the key to life.

Photo by Judy Smith

One of the reasons exercise works so well in helping us lose weight is the deep steady breathing it creates. It only makes sense that if we increase our deep and steady breathing in everyday life, we will aid our metabolism, not to mention the calm serenity that comes along with filling our blood cells with oxygen.
It actually helps us to be more confidant, to stand taller and face challenges with grace and knowing. We are more in the here and now.
Does that sound too good to believe? Try it.
I love Jena la Flamme’s video about breathing as you eat to help you lose weight.
Starting your day with a little aerobic exercise and some yoga is better than coffee. It not only gets the blood flowing but it keeps it flowing throughout the day.
Also, throughout the day, whenever you notice your breathing becoming shallow. Sit or stand a little taller and breathe through your nose deeply into your stomach. Keep your shoulders back, down and relaxed. Let your stomach inflate as you breathe in slowly. Feel your ribs begin to expand as the lungs expand. Hold it comfortably for a few seconds and let it out slowly. First let the stomach deflate and then feel the ribs go back down. When you feel the lungs completely deflate, push a little more air out. This will allow you to inhale and your lungs to automatically inflate deeply as you take your next breath.
Of course, I can’t let an opportunity pass without saying that live foods, i.e. raw water-based plant foods, are also filled with oxygen. Oxygen that goes directly into our bloodstream filling our bodies with the breath of life.


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