Fruit Juice is Nirvana

Day 2 has been awesome.

I woke up feeling great even though it seemed like I was up half the night. All that juice needed to go through:)

Today I drank all fruit juice. I have been avoiding fruit for the last couple of years because of it’s high sugar content. It is the perfect food for pristine man. It conducts energy and light in a clean-celled body.  But since it is the most cleansing food we can eat, it can be dangerous in a clogged acidic body. It awakens the toxins in our system at the speed of light. If we don’t release those toxins quickly we can have bad reactions like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, break-outs and many more. I may be playing with fire by drinking so much fruit, but I love it so much.

One of the rules of cleansing I learned studying Ehret is if you are having a bad day with toxins back in the circulation trying to be released, then you should stay away from the fruit on that day. Stick with vegetables to slow the process down a little and let your bowels catch up.

I should probably think about veggie juice for tomorrow, but I already bought 2 papayas and 2 melons.

Breakfast-16 oz grapefruit from my Mom’s tree. it was amazing

Lunch-32 oz Mexican papaya juice

Afternoon snack-32 oz pineapple and galia melon juice

Dinner-50 oz fresh squeezed OJ.

Everything was so delicious but I am so full! 


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