Day 3 Juice Feast

I woke up with a slight headache. I can relieve it by deep breathing but still feeling just a little foggy. It may sound funny or maybe you experience this too, but I catch myself barely breathing sometimes. I have to concentrate on breathing deeply and steadily to balance myself and my emotions as well.

For lunch I made 2 qts of veggie juice. I had so much pulp and hated the idea of throwing it out so I am making broth with it. I added garlic and a few herbs to season.

I’m a little grouchy, irritable. I’m working my office job today and have no patience with people or things. So I came back to my apartment and am drinking the rest of my lovely big green juice. Feel better already.

After work I had an infra red sauna.
Amazing! Using as many tools as possible like colon cleansing and dry brush massage to aid the elimination.

Mug mint-chamomile tea with honey

2 quarts green juice-Chard, Spicach, Turnip greens, carrots, cucumbers, celery, lemons and apples.

1 quarts veggie broth

1 1/2 quarts fresh squeezed OJ


2 thoughts on “Day 3 Juice Feast

  1. good luck! days 3-5 were the worst for me, then i felt amazing and kept it up for another week! i have lots of smoothie ideas on my blog as well as a cleanse i did w/ fruits and veggies. i’m here for support 🙂


    1. Thank you Audrey!
      I know whet you mean, the first 3 to 5 days have been rough for me in the past. It seems easier this time I think because Im not limiting myself to the quantities I’m drinking. Like they say more of a juice feast than fast.
      So far so good. Today I feel awesome!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by.


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