Juice Feast-Day 4

Day 4 already!
I am really kind of shocked at how easy this has been so far. The first few days of a juice fast have always been a struggle for me. Then by the 10th day I am flying on air full of energy and wondering why I ever thought I needed to eat. This time I honestly haven’t thought much about eating. It could be that I’m drinking over a gallon of juice šŸ™‚
Actually though, today I didn’t even need that much. I drank a quart of fresh lemonade with raw wild honey and 2 quarts of fresh OJ. Now I’m lying in bed and my tummy is feeling kind of empty, and I’m loving it. Hopefully I sleep well.
It’s also the 4th day without wine. My daughter was making fun of me tonight while drinking a beer and eating pasta with a creamy sauce. She said “you’re not eating OR drinking?” Obviously shocked. “Can’t you just quit one ?” Actually no, not really. It always seems that one leads to the other for me. I’m such an extremist. I know that sounds like I have some serious issues. But I think I have a lot of company.
My previous juice fasts have been much stricter. The less you drink the more aggressive the cleansing. I always try to move too quickly wanting to see big results in a short period of time. I can be my own worst enemy. I remember years ago I did a carrot juice fast and I was only drinking about 2 quarts a day. On the 3rd day I had a big photo shoot. I set up a studio in a mortgage brokers office and shot portraits of all 40 of the staff members. I woke up that morning with bright red chapped lips that spread about an inch outside my mouth. I looked like a clown. It was so embarrassing. That is a perfect example of moving too quickly and over-cleansing.
I feel really good about this. Drinking whenever I want. I do hope I’m smart about controlling the cleansing. Sticking with veggies when feeling puny or out of sorts. Going ahead full speed with fruit when feeling good.
Looking forward to tomorrow


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