Juice Feast-Day 5

I slept great and woke up feeling awesome again. My back is a little tight from working a heavy load starting at 6am yesterday then baby sitting last night until 10 holding my super heavy super active grandson, Adler who demands to be carried around everywhere since he can’t get around himself yet.
But I had so much energy this morning I did my normal exercise on the rebounder then some yoga. I haven’t done that for over a week since I think I broke a baby toe on Adler’s walker last week. Ouch. I’ve been limping and tweaking my whole body out of whack ever since but today it feels better and a little exercise didn’t hurt.
I did an infrared sauna the last 3 says and thats a huge help in eliminating toxins. I’ve also done mini colonics everyday which I know is good. This morning all I got out of it was gas. But I feel great so I will include fruit juice in my feast again today. I’m going to take OJ and green juice with me to work today.
I also am going to attend the memorial of a workmate who died last week at the young age of 33. I don’t know yet the exact circumstances except that she was alone in her room and they did an autopsy. We don’t think it was suicide. Not intentional anyway. She was very overweight, a heavy smoker and had a history of drug abuse. So tragic.
On my way to work now. I’ll add more at bedtime.

The memorial was tough but other than that it was a good day. The first half I had beaucoup energy but I did drag a little this evening. I took 4 quarts of juice with me and alternated quarts of fruit and veggie.
I put putted around the store a while oops. Still releasing gas and began to feel like I needed a BM. I did another mini colonic when I got home and had some success. I’m seeing lots of mucus. Sorry for the images.

2 quarts veggie – Celery carrot cucumber dark green mixture apple and lemon
2 quarts fresh squeezed OJ


2 thoughts on “Juice Feast-Day 5

    1. Thank you Courtney,
      This is day 10 now for me in Juice Nirvana.
      I have been transitioning and enjoying short fasts for a few years now, so this feast is truly incredible.
      Thank you for your comment and all of your good work!


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