Day 8 juice feasting

My photo shoot went well yesterday. Still editing all the footage. I was so busy I didn’t drink as much as usual but I made up for it today.
I went over my expenditures on juice these first 8 days and I was pleasantly shocked. I did all my shopping @ Joe’s (well I was there 4 of the 8 days anyway) and I spent $85. I do get a 10% discount but still. It’s true I had the benefit of grapefruit and lemons from Mom’s tree, but I put out $5 a qt for several qts of fresh squeezed OJ from Joe’s. I spend more than that on my usual fare of salads, juice, quinoa or sweet potatoes, dark chocolate and wine. I’m stoked. If I shop @ Costco I’ll save even more. Maybe I’ll be able to afford the new hairdo I got today;)
I don’t think I mentioned that I’m letting my hair grow au naturelle now. Yes naked! I stopped coloring it a few months ago and this morning I had 2 inches of salt and pepper roots. Tonight I’m sporting a shorter sassier do with silver streaks all the way down.
I plan to age gracefully. Oh I’ll fight aging alright but from the inside with a clean diet and on the outside with a healthy lifestyle. Like Ehret said, I’m on natures operating table, surgery without the use of a knife.
Ah…. Life is good!

Day 7
2 qts pineapple/papaya
1 1/2 qts cantaloup

Day 8
Mint/chamomile tea with lemon and raw wild honey
2 qt. watermelon
1 qt. cantaloup
2 qt. veggie – tomato celery carrot cucumber greens lemon apple


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