My Biggest Challenges

At this point in my life, what is it that I really want? And what is stopping me from going for it?

Do I want financial independence, travel and setting an example for my kids and grandkids? I believe I have some really good ideas on that, so what is stopping me?
Is it lack of time? I don’t think so. Yes I have two jobs and a business on the side and kids and grandkids I try to spend every free moment with. But I’ve proven I can make time for what I want when I want or when I decide to. I raised 2 kids on my own while achieving many goals that made me very happy. But I’ve grown complacent. I know how much time I waste reading novels, knitting or crocheting, watching TV, browsing the web, drinking wine. It isn’t having enough time as much as it is deciding what to do with my time. Like Natalie (or Yoda) says “Do or do not”.  Lately, most of the time, I “do not”.
That brings me to:
1. Is it focus? What steps do I take to achieve my goals and which one should I take first?
2. Is it misplaced perfectionism? I keep thinking how can I teach if I’m not perfect?  This blog has been about achieving the body you want and having the energy to do anything you set your mind to. I don’t really think I need to reassess this purpose but maybe some prioritizing is in order. I get discouraged by not being perfect myself.
3. Am I just making excuses? I think this is the big one for me. For instance: I use my addiction to food as an excuse:
Like “I can’t pursue my goals and be who I am meant to be until I stop eating pizza”. Or I make my goal to never eat pizza again instead of pursuing what I truly want. Or I make physical perfection the goal, which in my 65 years maybe I should realize that that ship has sailed LOL. Because in fact I am beautiful. I need to stop worrying about whether I am or not. I know I am. We all are.
Honestly, is not eating pizza or having a perfect body really the end all be all?
So I guess the bottom line for me is to focus on what I truly want and to stop making excuses that keep me from pursuing my ultimate goals. As long as I’m financially independent, set a good a example for my kids and grandkids, and get to see the world; who cares if I eat pizza or pasta once in a while, or have a little cellulite. Not me.
This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1
#10DBC #freedomplan 

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