Super Powers?

Day 4

What are my super powers? Well…

Not only am I a good cook; I love to cook. From down home southern comfort food to raw/vegan plant based meals. I can do it all and I truly enjoy it. Growing up, my mother taught me to make everything Southern from biscuits and gravy to potato salad to chicken fried steak and corn bread. Fortunately, at the impressionable age of 18, I expanded my repertoire; after learning about vegetarian cooking and eating on the north shore of Oahu. I was sharing a house with surfers who didn’t really appreciate my fatty fried foods but preferred the lighter cleansing foods growing around us. I quickly learned to adapt and have followed that lifestyle ever since; learning raw cuisine and water containing plant-based meals as well. I still get an occasional opportunity to explore comfort foods, though.

In addition to loving to cook, I love to share my food with family and friends. It is so satisfying to sit down to a meal with love ones and have them truly enjoy it.

In addition to being a good cook, I am a pretty good photographer. I was able to raise 2 kids with photography as my main source of income. And luckily, I enjoy it. I have years of experience in many formats and specialties; from people, portraits, weddings to scenics, products, architecture and food!


I have been told I have a calming presence, a nice personality and I’ve also been told that I have a pleasant voice.

So where does that take me?

Food and cooking videos! Right?

Sounds logical to me and I am making it happen!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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Day 3

Vision of my perfect day
My perfect day begins with the sound of birds singing in the trees outside my window. I journey out to my garden where I can see the sunrise as I practice my Yoga.
After I’ve limbered up I hike down the trail to the creek. I meditate on a rock next to the babbling brook. A few more yoga poses on the rock and then back up the trail to the cottage, where I climb back into bed to wake my lover up properly.
We share coffee on the upper deck with a view to the ocean before we bike to the village for breakfast and to shop for the day.
At home we set up the cameras and prepare to create a video in the garden and in my big country kitchen. The video today will consist of picking veggies from the garden and fruit off the trees and preparing a lovely meal.
The kids and grandkids will be visiting to enjoy this gorgeous and delicious meal with us.
After dinner we will play music on the patio and enjoy watching the kids playing in the yard and climbing trees, as the sun sets over the ocean.
At the end of this lovely day, we will climb back into our warm cozy bed and fall asleep to the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves of the trees.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

#10DBC #freedomplan


I love that Natalie says freedom is not just a privilege it is a right. But I will go one step further and say that I believe it is a duty. I believe we owe it to ourselves to be free. We owe it to the Earth. We owe it to every child on this planet to break the chains that bind us. To get out from under the oppression of our enslavers. Because if we are truly free I believe that we enslave no one else. I mean I don’t believe the ones who manipulate our puppet strings are truly free. They may be rich and powerful now but they are just as trapped as their servants.  I believe that if I do this, I mean if I break away and am totally free, then I am paving the way for my beautiful grand babies to achieve total  freedom themselves.

I want to leave the legacy of freedom.

#10DBC #freedomplan


My Biggest Challenges

At this point in my life, what is it that I really want? And what is stopping me from going for it?

Do I want financial independence, travel and setting an example for my kids and grandkids? I believe I have some really good ideas on that, so what is stopping me?
Is it lack of time? I don’t think so. Yes I have two jobs and a business on the side and kids and grandkids I try to spend every free moment with. But I’ve proven I can make time for what I want when I want or when I decide to. I raised 2 kids on my own while achieving many goals that made me very happy. But I’ve grown complacent. I know how much time I waste reading novels, knitting or crocheting, watching TV, browsing the web, drinking wine. It isn’t having enough time as much as it is deciding what to do with my time. Like Natalie (or Yoda) says “Do or do not”.  Lately, most of the time, I “do not”.
That brings me to:
1. Is it focus? What steps do I take to achieve my goals and which one should I take first?
2. Is it misplaced perfectionism? I keep thinking how can I teach if I’m not perfect?  This blog has been about achieving the body you want and having the energy to do anything you set your mind to. I don’t really think I need to reassess this purpose but maybe some prioritizing is in order. I get discouraged by not being perfect myself.
3. Am I just making excuses? I think this is the big one for me. For instance: I use my addiction to food as an excuse:
Like “I can’t pursue my goals and be who I am meant to be until I stop eating pizza”. Or I make my goal to never eat pizza again instead of pursuing what I truly want. Or I make physical perfection the goal, which in my 65 years maybe I should realize that that ship has sailed LOL. Because in fact I am beautiful. I need to stop worrying about whether I am or not. I know I am. We all are.
Honestly, is not eating pizza or having a perfect body really the end all be all?
So I guess the bottom line for me is to focus on what I truly want and to stop making excuses that keep me from pursuing my ultimate goals. As long as I’m financially independent, set a good a example for my kids and grandkids, and get to see the world; who cares if I eat pizza or pasta once in a while, or have a little cellulite. Not me.
This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1
#10DBC #freedomplan 

Tired of Addiction

OK, so I have struggled.

As much as I love this lifestyle, it can be difficult to let go of decades of addiction. Not only do I fight life-long addictions to sugars and starches, but I think I am just addicted to backsliding. I am afraid of success. I have proven this over and over again. I choke just before the finish line.

And I am not getting any younger. This may seriously be my last chance to finally cleanse my body of the pathogens that are attempting to devour it. It isn’t just “you are what you eat”. It is what you eat will eventually eat you! And I am being eaten alive slowly but surely!

I do know that I am on the right path and the closer I get to my destination the more difficult the path becomes. I am calling upon my warrior-self to summon the courage to win this final battle!!





Day one

Stop eating crap or starch or anything processed for one day and I can’t stop peeing. My body immediately starts eliminating poisons, superfluous water, anything that it doesn’t need. Anything extra.
The body wants nothing more than to heal itself. It just needs a little time away from digesting anything dense or processed, unnatural or indigestible.
The urination is first. Honestly more toxins are released through the kidneys than any other eliminative organ. Yes the skin constantly eliminates and yes the bowels eliminate dense heavy masses, but the kidneys eliminate pounds of toxins as soon as the intake is slowed down even a little. Elimination through the bowels is actually a lot more difficult. They are more impacted with dense totally indigestible crap. They need some physical help, namely colonic irrigation.

Imagery and Faith

Thoughts and feelings are the most powerful energy in the universe. After all, our world was created by consciousness which is thought.
We humans are made in God’s image. Jesus also said we would do greater works than him. The thoughts and the images that we create in our minds (our dreams and visions) effect every living thing on this planet and beyond. Everything on this planet, including the planet itself, is alive. Plants, animals, climate, literally everything is effected by our thinking. They all thrive on our smiles and thoughts of love. And they wither and die or rebel with our neglect or thoughts of hate.
World rulers have known this from the beginning of time. They have used the power of images to shape and control our thinking. We see it openly in advertising and subliminal messages, but they have been making images with words since there were words.
What most of us don’t realize is the power we hold to make our own images. We don’t have to be sheep and allow ourselves to be led blindly off the mountain. We really can move the mountain.
Prayer is powerful use of thought. We don’t make things happen by wishing, hoping, asking or begging. We do make things happen by knowing and believing that they are true.
In this crucial point in the history of humankind, what images do we choose to create? Do we imagine the end of life as we know it? Of pain and torment for many of our neighbors? Or do we imagine loving all of our neighbors no matter their beliefs. Do we know that we are all one? Do we reach out and give because we can? Or do we whine about who has what and why do we have to share? Do we rejoice in each breath? Do we envision a paradise on this earth? Do we give thanks for every drop of water in our bodies and on the planet?
This is a really cool video “Water the Great Mystery-part one:20130517-120624.jpg

Try eating a diet of mostly water-based plant foods. You will be glad you did.

vision quest and the acceleration of thoughts

I couldn’t sleep last night. i have been juicing during the day and eating one veggie meal for dinner since i broke my fast 3 days ago, so i am feeling light and clear. i have been eliminating well, but I couldn’t sleep last night. Even though I had had 3 bowel movements yesterday, I knew ther was more, so at midnight I got out of bed and gave myself an amazing colonic. I went back to bed and my thoughts continued to race, so I decided to write them down. Here they are:

A mother and child were walking through the woods, enjoying the sound of the birds and the fragrance of the forest. They followed a brightly colored butterly into a meadow of wild flowers. the child ran joyously through the meadow chasing the butterly until she was exhausted and she fell to the grass laughing. Her mother joined her in the grass and they felt the warmth of the sun fill their bodies. the child began playing with the bugs in the grass and found a rusty metal object. What is this Mother?, she asked. It was a bottle cap. The child wanted to know where this came from and what i could have been its use? Her mother told her this story of long ago and far away:

Our ancient ancestors were told that they were free, but in fact, they were the subject to the whims of priests and kings who were all actually money-changers in disguise. They allowed themselves to be convinced that what they were eating, the nuts and berries of the forest and the living fruits and herbs fresh from under the sun, full of life-giving water, were insufficient for energy and health.They began to become numb and fell under the spell of these deceivers and to believe in the teachings of these new leaders. They helped to clear the land of the natural growth and helped to plant foods in a new way. This new way was hard work for them and they soon longed to leave the land and move into huge structures and to trade their time for money from these leaders and the chance to buy the food made for them. Oh, they still did wondrous things and made incredible inventions that were supposed to make their lives easier. But they became slaves to these inventions until they began losing their imaginations completely. They allowed these incredible inventions to destroy the life-giving land, the water and the air around them, turning them poisonous to themselves and their existence.

They began to eat their own animal friends that lived lives of torture and pain. They were eating much more than they had before, convinced that they needed 3 square meals a day of dense protein and nutrient rich foodstuff. Soon, their lean lithe bodies became thick, stiff and brittle, and there quick sharp minds became slow and dull. Their senses became numb until they forgot their power completely and they became easilly controlled and manipulated. They began to believe more and more in the power of their leaders. All of their dreams, hopes and aspirations were changing and diminishing.

They also began to believe the words of these leaders, that they were basically bad and insignificant and that they were doomed and needed the guidance of their leaders in every way, They became beggars of the soul believing that they were nothing if not forgiven for their sins. They totally forgot the truth that they were created in the image of our creator and that we hold the light and the power within us. That we don’t need to ask permission of anyone but ourselves to shine this light.The leaders became stronger and more clever in their disguise of the truth. They created disasters and prophecies of destruction and fear arose in the people so that they were even easier to control than before. They began to believe in these images of the end of the world until they almost made it happen, by not believing in their own light and powers bestowal upon them by the creator. They allowed their power to be held hostage.

They were still giving birth to children full of light in spite every attempt to extinguish that light. Their babies were carried in the wombs of ill and broken mothers stuffing their bellies with mucus and starch and poisoned murdered animals instead of living foods from the sun the water the land and the wind. The living foods of our birthright.

Child birth began to carry with it unbearable pain from these sins against nature until the poor pitiful mother felt the need to ingest and be injected with poisons to numb herself and her unborn child of the light from what is meant to be a glorious blessing in itself. In spite of all of this pain and suffering, the children were still being born full of the light. Unfortunatelly the ignorance of their parents and t heir leaders began to numb them to the truth until by the time they turned 8 years old their rainbow spirits became black and whit like the adults around them.

Many true believers tried and tried to escape this bleack hole of darkness that enveloped them. but they were hopelessly addicted and ensvlaved, blinded to the light. Turning their backs to this way of life was just too hard.

But one day, a prophetess from the forest of the north, a human being still of pristine origin, never subjected to the inventions and teachings of this culture. she still held the light and the power and she was able to spread tales of our birthright throughout the entire world. And the people saw her visions and lovely images as truth. They began to stop believing in the lies of the snake-oil merchants all around them. They soon began to find love and light in the simpler things and in the diminshing nature around them. they began to grow gardens and respect for the land. They stopped eating the flesh of tortured, murdered anumals and the dead boiled foodstuffs from the shelves of the big fancy markets. They returned to the land one by one and the towers in the cities emptied one by one. Their bonds began to break, their light began to shine and the raging waters became calm and clear. The land becan to blossom and they soon realized that heaven is right here where it has always been. They stopped polluting it so it became paradise again

Day 16 Juice Feasting and Still Flying High

This journey has been very uplifting, both physically and mentally. I am on a very emotional high. Sometimes at work I get a little dingy, but that’s normal for me anyway, LOL. There really haven’t been any significant bumps in the road I am on. I am definitely losing weight. I don’t own a scale so I can’t tell you how much, but I feel lighter for sure. My hope though is to heal more aspects of my body than that, like my eyesight and my indigestion issues. I’ll keep you posted on those. But I know one of the reasons that I have maintained such energy and a sense of joy and well-being is that I have done a colonic every day of the fast. Also, I have been preparing for this with a transition diet for a few years now.

I checked out Costco over the weekend. Their produce department was very impressive, but the price difference between them and Trader Joe’s was minimal at best. It doesn’t make sense for me to spend the time and drive the distance for possibly a few pennies. I am extremely happy so far with the quality and choices I have at my local Joe’s.

I still had some sweet potatoes in my cupboard so I made a delicious concoction this morning.

  • 4 large organic Fuji apples
  • 2 lbs. organic carrots
  • 1 small organic sweet potato
  • 1 small lemon
  • Dash of cinnamon

1.5 qt. Wow, Yummy!!!

Day 11
1 qt. carrot, apple w lemon, honey and cinnamon
1 qt. beet, carrot, cucumber ,parsley w lemon n honey
Tea w lemon and honey
1 qt. tomato ,carrot ,cucumber ,parsley, lemon and honey

Day 12
16 oz grapefruit
1 qt. galia melon
1 qt. papaya
2 qt. beet, tomato, cucumber, apple ,parsley, lemon and honey

Day 13
1 qt. pear strawberry, lemon
1 qt. 1 pint strawberry, apple, lemon
2 qt. beet, celery, carrot, cucumber, romaine, parsley ,apple, lemon

Day 14
1 qt. watermelon
1 qt pineapple, galia melon
2 qt. beet, carrot, celery, romaine, cucumber
20 oz. melon, pineapple

Day 15
1 qt. cantaloup
1 qt. pineapple, cantaloup
1 qt. papaya
1 qt. tomato, lemon, stevia
1 qt. cucumber, carrot, tomato, lemon
22 oz. pineapple, cantaloup, papaya