Day 8 juice feasting

My photo shoot went well yesterday. Still editing all the footage. I was so busy I didn’t drink as much as usual but I made up for it today.
I went over my expenditures on juice these first 8 days and I was pleasantly shocked. I did all my shopping @ Joe’s (well I was there 4 of the 8 days anyway) and I spent $85. I do get a 10% discount but still. It’s true I had the benefit of grapefruit and lemons from Mom’s tree, but I put out $5 a qt for several qts of fresh squeezed OJ from Joe’s. I spend more than that on my usual fare of salads, juice, quinoa or sweet potatoes, dark chocolate and wine. I’m stoked. If I shop @ Costco I’ll save even more. Maybe I’ll be able to afford the new hairdo I got today;)
I don’t think I mentioned that I’m letting my hair grow au naturelle now. Yes naked! I stopped coloring it a few months ago and this morning I had 2 inches of salt and pepper roots. Tonight I’m sporting a shorter sassier do with silver streaks all the way down.
I plan to age gracefully. Oh I’ll fight aging alright but from the inside with a clean diet and on the outside with a healthy lifestyle. Like Ehret said, I’m on natures operating table, surgery without the use of a knife.
Ah…. Life is good!

Day 7
2 qts pineapple/papaya
1 1/2 qts cantaloup

Day 8
Mint/chamomile tea with lemon and raw wild honey
2 qt. watermelon
1 qt. cantaloup
2 qt. veggie – tomato celery carrot cucumber greens lemon apple

One week today juice feasting

I cant believe i am at a week already. this is costing me a fortune with all these lovely papayas pineapples and melons. Hopefully i have enough free time on saturday to go over to Costco and apply for membership. But right now the cost os so worth it.
Today I have a photo shoot in Redondo @ a big apartment complex. Interiors and exteriors, stills and video. I am taking a cooler and thermos’ with me.

Yesterday I luxuriated in bed a few hours before going to work at Joe’s. . It was divine.
Work was fun. I still have lots of energy. There is a low spot every now and then, but guzzling that luscious juice cures that.
16oz grapefruit
Qt papaya
Qt green
2qts watermelon

Juice Feast-Day 5

I slept great and woke up feeling awesome again. My back is a little tight from working a heavy load starting at 6am yesterday then baby sitting last night until 10 holding my super heavy super active grandson, Adler who demands to be carried around everywhere since he can’t get around himself yet.
But I had so much energy this morning I did my normal exercise on the rebounder then some yoga. I haven’t done that for over a week since I think I broke a baby toe on Adler’s walker last week. Ouch. I’ve been limping and tweaking my whole body out of whack ever since but today it feels better and a little exercise didn’t hurt.
I did an infrared sauna the last 3 says and thats a huge help in eliminating toxins. I’ve also done mini colonics everyday which I know is good. This morning all I got out of it was gas. But I feel great so I will include fruit juice in my feast again today. I’m going to take OJ and green juice with me to work today.
I also am going to attend the memorial of a workmate who died last week at the young age of 33. I don’t know yet the exact circumstances except that she was alone in her room and they did an autopsy. We don’t think it was suicide. Not intentional anyway. She was very overweight, a heavy smoker and had a history of drug abuse. So tragic.
On my way to work now. I’ll add more at bedtime.

The memorial was tough but other than that it was a good day. The first half I had beaucoup energy but I did drag a little this evening. I took 4 quarts of juice with me and alternated quarts of fruit and veggie.
I put putted around the store a while oops. Still releasing gas and began to feel like I needed a BM. I did another mini colonic when I got home and had some success. I’m seeing lots of mucus. Sorry for the images.

2 quarts veggie – Celery carrot cucumber dark green mixture apple and lemon
2 quarts fresh squeezed OJ

Juice Feast-Day 4

Day 4 already!
I am really kind of shocked at how easy this has been so far. The first few days of a juice fast have always been a struggle for me. Then by the 10th day I am flying on air full of energy and wondering why I ever thought I needed to eat. This time I honestly haven’t thought much about eating. It could be that I’m drinking over a gallon of juice ­čÖé
Actually though, today I didn’t even need that much. I drank a quart of fresh lemonade with raw wild honey and 2 quarts of fresh OJ. Now I’m lying in bed and my tummy is feeling kind of empty, and I’m loving it. Hopefully I sleep well.
It’s also the 4th day without wine. My daughter was making fun of me tonight while drinking a beer and eating pasta with a creamy sauce. She said “you’re not eating OR drinking?” Obviously shocked. “Can’t you just quit one ?” Actually no, not really. It always seems that one leads to the other for me. I’m such an extremist. I know that sounds like I have some serious issues. But I think I have a lot of company.
My previous juice fasts have been much stricter. The less you drink the more aggressive the cleansing. I always try to move too quickly wanting to see big results in a short period of time. I can be my own worst enemy. I remember years ago I did a carrot juice fast and I was only drinking about 2 quarts a day. On the 3rd day I had a big photo shoot. I set up a studio in a mortgage brokers office and shot portraits of all 40 of the staff members. I woke up that morning with bright red chapped lips that spread about an inch outside my mouth. I looked like a clown. It was so embarrassing. That is a perfect example of moving too quickly and over-cleansing.
I feel really good about this. Drinking whenever I want. I do hope I’m smart about controlling the cleansing. Sticking with veggies when feeling puny or out of sorts. Going ahead full speed with fruit when feeling good.
Looking forward to tomorrow

Fruit Juice is Nirvana

Day 2 has been awesome.

I woke up feeling great even though it seemed like I was up half the night. All that juice needed to go through:)

Today I drank all fruit juice. I have been avoiding fruit for the last couple of years because of it’s high sugar content. It is the perfect food for pristine man. It conducts energy and light in a clean-celled body. ┬áBut since it is the most cleansing food we can eat, it can be dangerous in a clogged acidic body. It awakens the toxins in our system at the speed of light. If we don’t release those toxins quickly we can have bad reactions like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, break-outs and many more. I may be playing with fire by drinking so much fruit, but I love it so much.

One of the rules of cleansing I learned studying Ehret is if you are having a bad day with toxins back in the circulation trying to be released, then you should stay away from the fruit on that day. Stick with vegetables to slow the process down a little and let your bowels catch up.

I should probably think about veggie juice for tomorrow, but I already bought 2 papayas and 2 melons.

Breakfast-16 oz grapefruit from my Mom’s tree. it was amazing

Lunch-32 oz Mexican papaya juice

Afternoon snack-32 oz pineapple and galia melon juice

Dinner-50 oz fresh squeezed OJ.

Everything was so delicious but I am so full! 

Juice Feast- Day One

I haven’t written here for a while and I have a lot building up that I want to say. Not tonight, though. I drove 2 hours back to the beach from Palm Desert this morning after a few days visiting Mom and Bro. ┬áThen I worked an 8 hour shift at Trader Joe’s. It’s late and I’m a little tired.

What I do want to say is how inspired I am by my friend and fellow detoxer Rande McDaniel, at The Vegetable┬áCentric Kitchen. She is over 3 weeks in to a 90 day juice feast. I have done my share of juice fasts before, but this is ambitious. I don’t intend to make it 90 days, but I am going to follow Rande’s lead by feasting on as much luscious juice as I desire. I would love to make it at least 21 days, maybe even 30. We’ll see how it goes.

Today when I got home from the desert I cleaned out my vegetable drawer and made 2 quarts of fabulous green juice:

Broccoli, celery, carrots, cucumbers, apple and lemon

I also brought home a lot of citrus from my Mom’s trees and made 1 1/2 liters of fresh lemonade with stevia

Tonight I have a little lemonade left and I’m adding some raw wild honey to it.

I feel great and am super excited to see what tomorrow brings!


As you begin your journey into detox and weight-loss you will notice your tastes becoming simpler. You will begin to revel in each luscious bite of a strawberry or a crisp refreshing salad.

As I’ve said, I don’t have a lot of time to fuss over meals, which is perfect for detox anyway. Simplicity in your dishes and your menus is best for digestion and elimination. It also means freedom from the kitchen, fast foods and spending money on things that make you sick.

I began one day this week with a lovely green juice of spinach, kale, parsley, apple and lemon while sitting on the beach before work.

Newport Beach
Kale, spinach, parsley, apple and lemon

On my way to work I sipped this lovely “Goddess of Greens” while I grabbed a bit of fresh ocean air (yes I know I’m lucky)

At work I had one of my usual delicious salads with lemon.

Greens, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and lemon juice.

At home after work my dinner was equally luscious and easy, a salad  with corn, bell, pepper tomato, olives and lemon with a little taco seasoning for a little added zing.

After this refreshing salad I had an eggplant that I halved, scored, topped with butter ( yes! butter), taco seasoning and baked for an hour at 375 while enjoying my salad and a glass of wine. Scrape the cooked eggplant out of the skin and squeeze a little lemon juice. Yum.

As I have said before, cooked oils should be eventually eliminated from your diet. All oils except for coconut oil change their molecular structure at high heat and become rancid. Therefore they are indigestible and toxic to the system. Butter on the other hand, does not change with high heat and is completely digestible and recognized as food by the body. Of course it is not one of our desirable plant-based fats so should only be enjoyed occasionally and in small quantities.