Day 20 of my juice feast

Day 21
I had originally hoped to go at least 3 weeks and on the night of the 20th day I broke my fast. I didn’t feel myself all day. Foggy, down, anxious, a tightness in my chest that was disturbing. At my age and lifelong history of bowel issues, i don’t want to take huge chances, especially with my grueling schedule. In most of my past fasts, I would be hungry the first few days then not again for a week or two, flying high and wondering why I had ever felt the need for food. Then one day I would feel weak and starving and just know it was time to add food to my system, so I would. This time though I didn’t feel @ all hungry and was flying high the entire time. I think it’s because of the mass quantities of fruit juice. I also think I may have been consuming too much fruit sugar considering my past health issues. I don’t think I am clean enough yet to consume mass quantities of fruit for such a long time. And the vegetable juice just wasn’t satisfying enough. But cooked veggies… Now that’s satisfying. Cooking vegetables brings out their natural sugars and they become extremely satisfying.
I was also concerned because I am beginning a Pilates class today. Not the mat Pilates which I get bored with. I’d much rather practice yoga. But it’s the original Pilates with the equipment. My daughter has been doing it for a few months now and her body is in its best shape ever, after having her 2nd baby just 8 months ago. She loves Pilates now but in the beginning she told horror stories of how grueling it is, so I have been reluctant to try it. Knowing I had this class today and feeling as bad as I did yesterday I decided to break the fast.
Breaking a fast is perhaps the trickiest and most important aspect of any fast. It is also where most people make their mistakes. In fact, it can be extremely dangerous to your health if you’re not careful how you break a fast.
Fasting, living without solid food, allows the body’s digestive system to take a rest. The body has time and energy now to dig deep into the tissues and pull out disease deposits of toxins, mucus and unbelievable morbid matter. Fresh juices help to loosen and thin this matter, passing it into the blood stream until it is thin enough to pass through the kidneys. The thicker, caked waste that lines the walls of the intestines is also being worked on by the juices. If all of this waste becomes loosened too quickly without a bowel movement it becomes too much for all of the organs to handle. It is important to break the fast with laxative type foods not”so-called nourishing” foods. The sooner all of this loosened disease matter leaves the body, the better.
Breaking it with fruit can be dangerous because it tends to loosen up even more, and if the system is already overloaded with toxins, you must try to eliminate them first before loosening up more. On the other end of the spectrum, if you break your fast with dense foods, like proteins or starches, they can mix with all if these loosened poisons and have drastic reactions, like becoming a brick-solid mass in your intestines that has to be removed surgically. For the average person, cooked veggies is the way to go.
Once I made that decision, I was so excited to eat when I got home from work. I had been planning all along to break my fast with a green salad and some cooked spinach, and that is exactly what I did. I braised some chopped garlic in a tiny bit of coconut oil, added a big pile of baby spinach, a few other greens, a teaspoon of water and covered the skillet. Turned the heat down to low and let it steam for just a few minutes. My salad was chopped romaine, cucumber, celery and tomatoes with grated carrots. The dressing was avocado with lemon. I also had a few roasted beets. It was awesome.
I felt great and slept soundly but not having a bowel movement before bed I had some very disturbing dreams. This morning though I had a hugely successful colonic and am ready to face the day!!! Yay!!!
This fast has been an awesome experience for me. It is invigorating and inspiring for me to up the ante on my diet. I have been cruising along with it and become a little complacent. I am pumped now. The plan is to drink more juice during the day. I’ll add a big fruit juice to my usual big green one. And then a dinner of raw and cooked greens. If I’m still hungry I can add a sweet potato. I’d also like to try Ehret’s suggestion of eating like this a few days alternating a few days of juice fasting. I think that will be the smart and fastest way to cleanse my blood and tissues.
After all, cleansing my body of toxins and foreign matter has always been the goal, not to just go some arbitrary number of days without eating.
On with the journey.

In case anyone is interested, here is the list of what I’ve been consuming:

Day 17
16 oz. celery, cucumber, romaine, carrot, lemon
40 oz. papaya
1 qt. apple, carrot, sweet potato, lemon, cinnamon
1 qt. strawberry, pear, apple, cucumber
12 oz. cantaloup

Day 18
3 qt. apple, carrot, sweet potato, lemon, cinnamon
1 qt. strawberry, pear, apple, cucumber
1 qt. cantaloup
1 qt. orange

Day 19
1 qt. orange
1 qt. apple, carrot, sweet potato, lemon, cinnamon
1 qt. apple, tomato, cucumber, romaine, southern greens
2 qt. apple, carrot, sweet potato, lemon, cinnamon

Day 20
1 qt. apple, tomato, cucumber, romaine, southern greens
2 qt. honeydew, pineapple, cucumber
1 qt. strawberry, pear, apple

Spinach, southern greens, garlic, 1 t coconut oil
Salad: romaine, grated carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato, avocado w/ lemon


Day 16 Juice Feasting and Still Flying High

This journey has been very uplifting, both physically and mentally. I am on a very emotional high. Sometimes at work I get a little dingy, but that’s normal for me anyway, LOL. There really haven’t been any significant bumps in the road I am on. I am definitely losing weight. I don’t own a scale so I can’t tell you how much, but I feel lighter for sure. My hope though is to heal more aspects of my body than that, like my eyesight and my indigestion issues. I’ll keep you posted on those. But I know one of the reasons that I have maintained such energy and a sense of joy and well-being is that I have done a colonic every day of the fast. Also, I have been preparing for this with a transition diet for a few years now.

I checked out Costco over the weekend. Their produce department was very impressive, but the price difference between them and Trader Joe’s was minimal at best. It doesn’t make sense for me to spend the time and drive the distance for possibly a few pennies. I am extremely happy so far with the quality and choices I have at my local Joe’s.

I still had some sweet potatoes in my cupboard so I made a delicious concoction this morning.

  • 4 large organic Fuji apples
  • 2 lbs. organic carrots
  • 1 small organic sweet potato
  • 1 small lemon
  • Dash of cinnamon

1.5 qt. Wow, Yummy!!!

Day 11
1 qt. carrot, apple w lemon, honey and cinnamon
1 qt. beet, carrot, cucumber ,parsley w lemon n honey
Tea w lemon and honey
1 qt. tomato ,carrot ,cucumber ,parsley, lemon and honey

Day 12
16 oz grapefruit
1 qt. galia melon
1 qt. papaya
2 qt. beet, tomato, cucumber, apple ,parsley, lemon and honey

Day 13
1 qt. pear strawberry, lemon
1 qt. 1 pint strawberry, apple, lemon
2 qt. beet, celery, carrot, cucumber, romaine, parsley ,apple, lemon

Day 14
1 qt. watermelon
1 qt pineapple, galia melon
2 qt. beet, carrot, celery, romaine, cucumber
20 oz. melon, pineapple

Day 15
1 qt. cantaloup
1 qt. pineapple, cantaloup
1 qt. papaya
1 qt. tomato, lemon, stevia
1 qt. cucumber, carrot, tomato, lemon
22 oz. pineapple, cantaloup, papaya

Saying goodnight to day 10 of my juice feast

I can’t believe I’ve finished day 10. The last couple of days I haven’t even been drinking a gallon. I do get hungry now and then but the juice is totally satisfying.
Last night I visited my grandchildren and took a quart of cantaloup with me. When I got home I thought I’d make something else but I decided against it. I love it when I have these periods of, what shall i call it? I can’t call it will power because I don’t feel at all deprived. In fact, when my stomach does begin to feel empty, I am somewhat exhilarated. I like to call it “embracing the hunger”. Because I know when my stomach empties my body is just beginning its work of cleansing and healing. Those growls that we call hunger are usually just sounds of the stomach and intestines finally having a chance to scrape the caked gunk off their walls. So what do I normally do when my stomach empties? Stuff my face again.
I know from many years of experimenting with this lifestyle, that sometimes when my stomach empties, I experience uncomfortable symptoms. Symptoms such as: headaches, light-headedness, irritability, anxiety. These feelings are diagnosed, for one thing, as low blood sugar. In fact, the body is actually starving for the natural sugars of raw fruits and vegetables. When we finally rest the stomach the body attacks the beds of morbid matter and sends it back into the bloodstream for elimination through the kidneys. Our kidneys and bowels can’t keep up with these toxins and we feel sick. So we normally stuff it again with insane combinations of meat, cheese, grains and junk food. This makes the symptoms stop so we think what we ate was good for us. In actuality the symptoms stopped because we stopped the cleansing process and forced the overworked digestive system to again deal with the onslaught of crap. If we had eaten a fresh green salad and some steamed veggies, the symptoms would have stopped and the body would continue to heal itself. We never give it a chance to deal with the indigestible garbage we eat and it gets pushed aside until it is impacted deeply into the tissues, just waiting for us to stop eating once in a while and give it a chance to breathe. To heal.
Ok, enough ranting, I work at 6 in the morning. Must call it a night.

Day 9
2 qt. lemonade w/ honey
16 oz. grapefruit
1 qt. cantaloup

Day 10
1qt. cabbage tomato apple lemon
1 qt. cantaloup
1 qt. pear pineapple apple cucumber

One week today juice feasting

I cant believe i am at a week already. this is costing me a fortune with all these lovely papayas pineapples and melons. Hopefully i have enough free time on saturday to go over to Costco and apply for membership. But right now the cost os so worth it.
Today I have a photo shoot in Redondo @ a big apartment complex. Interiors and exteriors, stills and video. I am taking a cooler and thermos’ with me.

Yesterday I luxuriated in bed a few hours before going to work at Joe’s. . It was divine.
Work was fun. I still have lots of energy. There is a low spot every now and then, but guzzling that luscious juice cures that.
16oz grapefruit
Qt papaya
Qt green
2qts watermelon

Juice Feast-Day 5

I slept great and woke up feeling awesome again. My back is a little tight from working a heavy load starting at 6am yesterday then baby sitting last night until 10 holding my super heavy super active grandson, Adler who demands to be carried around everywhere since he can’t get around himself yet.
But I had so much energy this morning I did my normal exercise on the rebounder then some yoga. I haven’t done that for over a week since I think I broke a baby toe on Adler’s walker last week. Ouch. I’ve been limping and tweaking my whole body out of whack ever since but today it feels better and a little exercise didn’t hurt.
I did an infrared sauna the last 3 says and thats a huge help in eliminating toxins. I’ve also done mini colonics everyday which I know is good. This morning all I got out of it was gas. But I feel great so I will include fruit juice in my feast again today. I’m going to take OJ and green juice with me to work today.
I also am going to attend the memorial of a workmate who died last week at the young age of 33. I don’t know yet the exact circumstances except that she was alone in her room and they did an autopsy. We don’t think it was suicide. Not intentional anyway. She was very overweight, a heavy smoker and had a history of drug abuse. So tragic.
On my way to work now. I’ll add more at bedtime.

The memorial was tough but other than that it was a good day. The first half I had beaucoup energy but I did drag a little this evening. I took 4 quarts of juice with me and alternated quarts of fruit and veggie.
I put putted around the store a while oops. Still releasing gas and began to feel like I needed a BM. I did another mini colonic when I got home and had some success. I’m seeing lots of mucus. Sorry for the images.

2 quarts veggie – Celery carrot cucumber dark green mixture apple and lemon
2 quarts fresh squeezed OJ

Juice Feast-Day 4

Day 4 already!
I am really kind of shocked at how easy this has been so far. The first few days of a juice fast have always been a struggle for me. Then by the 10th day I am flying on air full of energy and wondering why I ever thought I needed to eat. This time I honestly haven’t thought much about eating. It could be that I’m drinking over a gallon of juice 🙂
Actually though, today I didn’t even need that much. I drank a quart of fresh lemonade with raw wild honey and 2 quarts of fresh OJ. Now I’m lying in bed and my tummy is feeling kind of empty, and I’m loving it. Hopefully I sleep well.
It’s also the 4th day without wine. My daughter was making fun of me tonight while drinking a beer and eating pasta with a creamy sauce. She said “you’re not eating OR drinking?” Obviously shocked. “Can’t you just quit one ?” Actually no, not really. It always seems that one leads to the other for me. I’m such an extremist. I know that sounds like I have some serious issues. But I think I have a lot of company.
My previous juice fasts have been much stricter. The less you drink the more aggressive the cleansing. I always try to move too quickly wanting to see big results in a short period of time. I can be my own worst enemy. I remember years ago I did a carrot juice fast and I was only drinking about 2 quarts a day. On the 3rd day I had a big photo shoot. I set up a studio in a mortgage brokers office and shot portraits of all 40 of the staff members. I woke up that morning with bright red chapped lips that spread about an inch outside my mouth. I looked like a clown. It was so embarrassing. That is a perfect example of moving too quickly and over-cleansing.
I feel really good about this. Drinking whenever I want. I do hope I’m smart about controlling the cleansing. Sticking with veggies when feeling puny or out of sorts. Going ahead full speed with fruit when feeling good.
Looking forward to tomorrow