I began studying detox and cleansing as a young adult by reading and practicing the works of Arnold Ehret while living on the North Shore of Oahu. I weaved in and out of this lifestyle my entire adult life, raising my 2 children deeply in it. Their first 2 years of life they only ate my milk and fruits and vegetables and were hooked on salads by the age of 3.

I was fortunate to raise my kids as a photographer and aerobics instructor/personal trainer. My diet continued to yo-yo between Ehret’s mucusless diet, which I still feel is the ultimate although nearly impossible in our day and age, vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, and falling back on the standard American diet (SAD) over and over again. A few years ago I had the good fortune to run across Natalia Roses’ “Raw Food Detox Diet” followed by her “Detox for Women”. She is a God-send. She brought together Ehret’s timeless theories and modern American life. It is a workable, enjoyable easy to follow program.

I am an ardent student of hers and have attended her advanced training workshop in New York City.

I have dreamt of becoming a cleansing, detox and cellular regeneration counselor for many years. It is my fervent desire to help people be as strong and healthy as possible while looking and feeling their best.

I am currently living in Newport Beach, California.

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